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Quality Control

Quality control can be roughly divided into seven steps:
(1) select the control object;
(2) select the quality characteristics to be monitored;
(3) to determine the specifications, detailed description of quality characteristics;
(4)  selected to accurately measure the characteristic value or the  corresponding process parameters of the monitoring instrument, or  homemade test means;
(5) to carry out the actual test and make a good record of data;
(6) analysis of the reasons for the differences between the actual and specifications;
(7) to take appropriate corrective action. When  the appropriate corrective action is taken, the process is still  monitored and the process is kept at a new level of control. Once  a new influencing factor is present, it is necessary to correct the  data analysis causes, so the seven steps form a closed process called a“”feedback loop“”. This point and 6Sigma quality breakthrough mode DMAIC have in common.
In the above seven steps, the most critical of two points:
(1) the quality control system design;
(2) the selection of quality control technology.


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